Accolades from clients

Serving awesome clients is always a treat! Thank you all for your appreciation and inspiration to keep on striving to do our best.

 Roger Butler, CCHC Forums

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Excellent Value!
“Patti is the best professional meeting planner I’ve ever worked with, and our whole business is about convening meetings. We bring together top-level CEOs and executives in healthcare and Patti is highly effective in planning our meetings throughout the year. She anticipates and coordinates our needs, creates efficiency and cost savings that more than take care of her fee. Patti’s excellent relationship skills, organizing techniques and creativity combined has enabled us to experience the ultimate setting, seamless service and hold trouble-free meetings.

Patti is now helping our organization grow and hold 12 onsite forums per year, webinars and has helped design a more user friendly and up to date website.  Her additional experience with technology platforms for marketing, communication and onsite facilitation skills has brought our forum to a whole other level of success and value for our members.  

Our organization and staff enjoy working with Patti and are confident in her abilities to select, negotiate, organize and coordinate the onsite details and step into my role as needed-which has also allowed me to focus on my goals and not worry “.

We have hired her for nearly 17 years and through her work,  these events keep getting better, and better attended. 

Jim Pope, CEO Sylvania Franciscan Health System

“Since we hired a professional meeting planner, our annual system-wide conference was not only planned more efficiently and creatively, but I had members tell me it was not only the best meeting we held but the best one they have ever attended.  Patti Miller went above and beyond and worked within our budget. She worked well to make sure the staff was a part of the planning in their best roles and everyone had a great sense of reward to the end.”

Bob Jarboe, Executive VP, Business Development, PGH

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.
“I have found Patti to be an extremely competent, result oriented professional. She is not only knowledgeable and insightful, but a true pleasure to be around and well respected by all. Patti adds value to every project in which she is involved.”

Lin Hill, Director, Practice Greenhealth

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.
“Working with Patti ensures success of our annual event. She is super organized, never gets flustered, has tons of experience, and is fun to work with. I would not want to do our conference without her expertise. She knows how to get the job done and manages relationships to make sure that happens. When others get flustered, she is the one to keep her cool and make us look good.”

Seema Wadhwa, Director, Healthier Hospitals Initiative

“Patti was a pleasure to work with in coordinate CleanMed.  She helped ensure that details were not missed and that specific parameters such as healthy sustainable foods were coordinated. Patti was always in a pleasure demeanor during a very hectic time, which is key in event management.”

Janet Brown, Director, Facility Engagement, Practice Greenhealth

“I have worked with Patti for several years. Patti is positive, energetic, organized and very easy to work with. She and her team do a great job at conference organization and planning.”

Anna Gilmore Hall, Executive Director, Sustainable Healthcare Services at Weston Solutions, Inc.

Location: Washington D.C. Metro Area.
Industry: Hospital & Healthcare.
“I have loved working with Patti because I knew everything was under control and no matter what happened – Patti would handle it. She is fabulous and I am constantly amazed at her energy and resourcefulness. When Patti is on the job – you have nothing to worry about.”

Deborah Simmen, Trinity Health, Livonia Mi

“Let me introduce Patti (Daniels) Miller to you all! Patti and I began working together in 1994!  She has extensive experience in hotel/sales management, meeting management and is the best negotiator I have ever met.  She started her own meeting management/consulting firm in 1996, and later collaborated and is now with Premier Event Resources. She offers a full spectrum of meeting and event planning/management services. She has worked with me on Holy Cross Health System/Trinity Health meetings for 18 years and has saved our organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions by negotiating contracts (including renegotiating contracts and re-booking to save attrition/cancellation penalties). Patti’s stellar reputation from her work with Holy Cross/Trinity Health has made her a popular Catholic healthcare meeting consultant. She has saved me so much time and energy in addition to costs, she has become an “invaluable” resource. Internal planners need someone like Patti (Daniels) Miller”

Moe O’Shaughnessy, Managing Director, Orange Dragin Group, LLC

“I have worked with Patti for nearly a decade directly and indirectly. Her expertise in event management is impeccable. With a straight ahead to the goal attitude, Patti doesn’t skip a beat. Patti’s demeanor is in focus at all times, keeping her client in the informed constantly. I always look forward to our upcoming projects together. If you need to unleash your show’s myriad of details, contact Patti Daniels-Miller and don’t worry…your conference will get handled with care.”

Steven Cates, Cates International

Hired you as a Meeting Planner in 2004 and hired you more than once.
Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity.
“Patti is the consummate professional in every regard. As a Meeting Planner she uses her vast network of connections and influence to negotiate favorable terms at the right property for the event.”

Susan Hanf, Executive Director, Medical Association

Susan hired you as a Event Planner in 1996 and hired you more than once.
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
“Patti is a consummate professional – smart, prepared, resourceful. I have contracted with Patti on a number of meetings and I am consistently impressed with her work ethic and flexibility in resolving challenges that arise and addressing client requests. I strongly recommend Patti for any conference/meeting planning needs that a company/organization may have. She not only provides exceptional service, she goes above and beyond to help both her client and the venue staff in developing win-win scenarios in contract negotiations and event production.”

Updated reference from Susan Hanf, Executive Director Consultant . 2012-2014

Since leaving the medical association position;  I have enjoyed with working with Patti by providing her with consulting work in association management and planning assistance. I have the utmost respect for her capacity to be a life-long learner and continue to inspire others through her ability to understand the big picture AND determine the strategy to get there.  

Roger Butler, Executive Director

“Just finished a back-to-back Forum in southern CA – one with an exclusive group of high-profile multi-organizational CEOs, the other with a group of senior physician executives. Patti Miller exhibited great leadership in creating, meticulous planning, and coordinating these events.  Great sense of fairness, great “steward of resources”. Saves us lots of money through careful marketing planning and hotel contacts. She’s a real partner in planning premier events!”

Neil Murphy, Xerox Corporation, DocuShare Business Unit

Industry: Computer Software.
Location: Palo Alto, California
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value.
“With very little notice, Patti and her staff managed a sales meeting for the entire Western Sales Operation for our Knowledge Management Software Group of Xerox Corporation. The desired location was Southern California and the venue she selected was not only an outstanding value (much less expensive than we could have gotten on our own) but the meeting room and individual rooms were beyond our expectations. Patti is wonderful to work with, excellent at her job and results driven. I highly recommend Patti and her staff.”

Nancy Lio, Weekenders USA, and Lucent Technologies.

“When I needed to clone myself, I was lucky enough to find Patti Daniels-Miller! She takes the stress out of my job by taking on a lot of leg work and knowing exactly how to go about getting us what we need. Her communications and strategy skills with the hotel staff and our staff are so professional and always get us results we need. I have found myself being a better manager since I can delegate to an outstanding professional who truly cares about us and our goals. “