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What attracted me most to teaming with PER over 12 years ago was the extensive experience of each of its professional planners.  That initial attraction has been validated for me time and time again.  Because of this, I confidently represent this high-performing team as a group that can be your organization’s most valuable outsourced resource.

Collectively, we are skilled at negotiating and executing a plan to meet your goals and will fit within your budget.  Not only that, it is second nature for us to anticipate “what’s next?”  We understand all of the nuances that are involved in properly planning an event, from the initial contact with the venue through the closing session or final night reception.

Here’s how we deliver your vision

Initially, we’ll put into motion the RFP process—part of the search for the most dynamic hotel destination and venue that will fit the nature of your event. We’re proud of this complimentary site selection service, a process where every last detail of your agenda and specifications are considered, including your budget.

In addition, at no cost to you, every line item in the venue contract is reviewed or negotiated to protect the best interests of your company.  Value, concessions and potential discounts are identified and integrated into the agreement to enhance the overall event experience.

By allowing us to represent your needs, the final agreement becomes a living document, one that allows us to set up a successful partnership with the venue, helping future negotiations become more efficient and hassle-free.

We are able to support you through every aspect of the planning process by professionally organizing the myriad of details involved in any or all of the conference categories.

I feel very fortunate to be part of the exceptional planning team of Premier Event Resources. Take a peek through our Gallery to view some of the fabulous conferences Patti has managed – all with consideration and respect to the client’s goals and budget. Also, meet the rest of our team at:

I look forward to the opportunity to partner with you and your organization in the near future.